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KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ is the only system recognized to significantly whiten deeply stained and even difficult tetracycline stained teeth within a short time. KöR Whitening is available for at-home only whitening, and Deep Bleaching systems including one or two in-office whitening visits and at-home whitening. The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system involves taking and pouring highly detailed polyvinyl siloxane impressions. From these detailed models, unique Deep Bleaching Trays (Evolve Dental Technologies) designed to seal bleaching gels in and seal oral fluids out are fabricated for the patient�s use.

The first in-office visit is referred to as the "conditioning visit," meant to start the process of conditioning (oxygenation debridement) of the microstructure of the teeth. The conditioning visit utilizes 9% hydrogen peroxide with an exceptionally strong chemical accelerator, resulting in release of bleaching factors equal to much higher strength peroxide.

Patients then wear the Deep Bleaching Trays at home for 2 weeks. Because of their unique design, the whitening gel allows a more thorough release of bleaching factors. The seal and chemistry of the bleaching gel provides an extended effective release time of more than 6 hours instead of the common 25 to 35 minutes of conventional bleaching trays and gels.

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